How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Images?

How do I Recover WhatsApp Images? The day before yesterday I was browsing my WhatsApp images. Upon browsing them, I accidentally deleted one image that means a lot to me. WhatsApp is an important social media that we use everyday to chat with our friends, send photos and videos with […]

Samsung Galaxy SD card recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Android?

Obviously you come here to get solution for retrieving your deleted or lost files from Micro SD card on your phone. Chances are you lost your precious files like photos and videos from SD card by the wrong hand of deletion or formatting, or something unknown reason. How to recover […]

Broken Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen

Galaxy S4 Broken Screen Data Recovery My Samsung Galaxy S4 had a final drop to death (broke the screen) a few weeks ago and I’m wondering how I can recover the data. The screen is COMPLETELY broken (Black screen, cracked, and no touch response). It turns on but only gets […]

Broken Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen

Forgot Android Pattern Lock

Forgot Android Pattern Lock

What do you do if you forget your android pattern? Hi, I totally forgot my password for my screen lock. I have tried all my past passwords to no avail. What to do to unlock the phone pattern? I don’t want to lose my data especially my contacts since they […]

Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Endless "Recovery Mode" loop on my iPhone 5 Today I’ve try to update my iPhone 5 to iOS 9 using iTunes on my PC. But suddenly it got stuck on recovery mode. I have no idea how to get out of recovery mode or how to fix it. What do […]

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

iPhone stuck on Apple logo how to fix

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iOS 9 Stuck on Apple Logo I tried to update my iPhone 6 to iOS 9, but everytime I try to update it keeps getting stuck on the Apple logo with the white background or the black background (depends on how i update). iTunes is at the latest version and […]

Accidentally Restored iPhone and Lost Photos

I accidentally restored iPhone and lost photos on it. How can I get those back? I need help!! I was trying to sync my music from my Macbook to my iPhone 5 and accidentally restored the phone to some previous version that I had. In the process, I managed to […]

accidental restore iPhone lost photo

Recover Deleted iMovie Project on iPad iPhone

iMovie is a powerful video-editing application for Mac as well as iOS. iMovie for iOS makes it possible for you to create Hollywood-style movies on iPhone or iPad device you shot it. And you can edit at resolutions up to a beautiful 4K on iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. When […]

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Samsung S5

Accidentally deleted WhatsApp chat history on my Samsung S5! Can I get my messages back? I deleted all my chats in WhatsApp few months before…but I want to read those messages…how to recover my messages which I deleted 3 moonths before? My phone’s version is 4.3..I have used some software […]

restore Android WhatsApp message

Canon Camcorder recovery

Recover Deleted Photo Video from Canon Camcorder

Recovering Deleted Camcorder Video Footage/HD Files Does anyone have any success with recovering accidentally deleted video files from a tapeless workflow camcorder? I think the camera is a Canon Vixia. It is HD footage that was lost. I did an online search but was looking for some suggestions or recommendations. […]